Vriksh Enriching Minds

Space has always fascinated us with its celestial wonders, but what if we imagined a scenario where we’re stuck on the moon? It’s more than just a survival story; it’s a deep dive into our own minds. While we celebrate Chandrayaan-3’s lunar success, let’s embark on a thought-provoking journey throughRead More
Mental Health
“Ha! I’m unfazed. This content is definitely not for me”. If you’re someone with the same mindset, I’d suggest you take a look. Although mental health is a topic most people “don’t relate to”, it is the need of the hour today. In today’s world where many heads turn towardsRead More
Mental Health
Have you ever found yourself thinking obsessively about something and end up worrying about it? You may have lost sleep being preoccupied by that one incident that happened some time back. It makes you feel like your mind is in a loop and it tunes in to the same playlistRead More
Self care

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