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Learning is the key to prepare yourself for the future!

Learning is a lifelong process. We, at Vriksh Academy, provide workshops and courses for students, professionals and anyone who wishes to develop their skills. With our network, get access to the best trainers to help you attain fruitful outcomes. Our diverse range of online courses help people from anywhere benefit from our services.


Certificate course on Emotional Intelligence

This course is experiential in nature where participants can relate their own experiences in EI framework which will enable them to effectively manage self and others.

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Certificate course on School counselling

This course will enable learners to identify the psychological and academic needs of the students and provide counselling in school setting.

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Remedial Educator Training program

This course will cover strategies to understand, screen, assess and help children overcome their limitations, learn effective strategies to improve reading, writing and mathematical skills

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Certificate course on Child and Adolescent Counselling

This course is designed for those who want to enhance their counselling skills and work
with children and / or adolescents.

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Intensive Behaviour Modification

This course will cover effective behaviour modification techniques in situations where someone wanted to learn new skills, manage difficult behaviours or behave differently.

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Certificate course on Phonics

This course is specially designed to equip learners with phonic skills to teach children reading and writing in an easy,interesting and comprehensive matter.

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Everyday parenting

This course will cover effective behavior change techniques to improve the course of action with both children and adolescents. It will shed light on many parenting misconceptions.

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Goal Setting

This course will explore goal setting for individuals, focusing on different areas of person’s life. It includes valuable tools and smart practices to achieve your goals.

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Certificate course in Career Counselling

This course focuses on career counselling skills, assessment, interpretation of the tests and teaches reliable ways to deliver career counselling effectively.

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Certificate course in counselling skills

This course will cover skills, techniques and strategies to facilitate effective counselling sessions with the client and provides insight into different theoretical and practical skills.

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Essentials of CBT

This experiential course provides foundation to provide effective treatment and hone your therapeutic skills using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

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Memory Training

This training program enables the participants to gain more knowledge about various memory techniques that can be used to memorize all sorts of information.

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