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Vriksh Psychological Support services is a holistic platform for mental healthcare. We offer guidance and support to people with psychological distress. Besides, we aim to spread much-needed awareness about mental health and provide preventive psychological health services to make people’s life productive and happy.

At Vriksh, we strongly believe that every individual has the ability to overcome personal and professional challenges. With this mission,we strive to help our clients realize their strengths and equip them with the necessary skills to achieve their full potential.

Meet Our Founder

Banupriya V. is the founder of Vriksh Psychological support services. She is a Psychologist, Licensed Emotional Intelligence Coach and Licensed Memory Trainer who has conducted workshops for a wide range of age groups.

The mental health scenario in India indicates that 70 million people in a country of 1 billion are affected by some form of mental illness. However, only 10% of them receive professional assistance. The reason? Ignorance, and the stigma attached to discussing mental health. In India, people with mental illness are often considered as a burden or a threat to society. However, mental illness is just like any other illness and it can be treated with proper guidance and counselling. Every individual deserves to be happy. According to Banupriya, behind the smile of every person suffering from mental ailments, there is hope, and behind their hope, there is life. Keeping that in her mind, she launched the Vriksh platform for mental healthcare to reach out to as many people as possible and make a positive difference to the world. Her mission is to empower individuals by creating awareness about mental health and alleviating stigma through education. She provides holistic services to help individuals live a meaningful and fulfilling life. As a counsellor with a passion for enriching minds, she hopes to bring about a positive change in the public perception of mental disorders and health issues. This will help in facilitating recovery for patients without facing any shame or discrimination. Her energy, enthusiasm and empathic nature shine through her sessions. She has strong interpersonal skills and is able to offer hope to those with invisible wounds without any prejudice in her outlook.
Her special interest in enhancing student’s potential in the classroom has led her to author 2 research papers (in the International Journal of Indian Psychology) with a core focus on academic achievement in school students, and how it is influenced by grit, curiosity, and happiness. In addition, she has a keen interest in the real-world effects of emotional intelligence and presented a paper that investigates its association with imposter syndrome in professionals working in the IT and financial sectors.

Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach Practitioner (NLP Coaching Academy & IAPCCT) Licensed Memory Trainer (LMT & IAPCCT)

Our Team

Ms Parul Jha
NLP Master Practitioner, Emotional Intelligence Coach & Certified Master Practitioner in Ericksonian Hypnosis.

She is an experienced corporate trainer, certified Emotional Intelligence Coach and a Master Practitioner in Ericksonian Hypnosis and NLP Master Practioner. She aims to guide people in terms of courage and clarity.

Ms. Shivani Wadhwa
Counselling Psychologist & Remedial Therapist

She is a Counselling Psychologist and a remedial therapist by profession. She is a certified play therapist and Phonics master trainer. She is also a Cogmed and Structure of Intellect practitioner. She aims to empower individuals and helps them achieve their emotional and academic goals.